Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its been a while...

Now, generally I should have no excuse, but however, in my own defense, I think this one is a good one. Caleb has been out in the field training with his new unit, he's just been back and forth and back and forth. So I just don't bake. Sad I know. But I just don't see the point because generally I bake for him, and if he is gone then I will just be baking for myself...and eating it all myself. And that's just not any good for my little waistline now is it? I think not. However, I do have a few pictures to post. (:

First off is my "Strawberry Champagne Cake" complete with a strawberry filling, and my very own recipes of "CherryBerry Buttercream Frosting".

Cute I know!

I made this before Caleb left....and let me just tell you....he LOVED it. Of course so did I. I had never made a cake like this before and it was very easy and very semi-homemade. Somedays I am just so lazy that I have to use a cake mix. They make my life easier.

And the second thing I get to post is actually not everymade by me! Crazy I know. My lovey friend Sarah came over with soon to be hubby, and she made this wonderful Pear Custard Cake. It was very tastey.

We used the leftover cream and made some Whipped Cream to put on top. Oh my. It was just perfect, the pears were soft and juicy, the custard was....well...creamy. And I can't say enough....it was sooooo good!

Sarah! She is too cute to say the least. I was glad to have her come ever for a little while to keep me company while I was all alone. Just put me and her in a kitchen and we will always come up with something yummy. <3

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Allie Andrews said...

um, you should send me something yummy... cause i'm all lonely up here in the cold :(