Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've taken a vacation from posting...obviously. I'm sure I could have, I've just been so lazy and enjoying time with my family I never think about it until I am going to sleep. Shiloh and I have been up here in Lakeside, MT for about 3 weeks now. It's been so amazing to see my parents, sister, brother and his wife. My parents and sister, Allie haven't seen Shiloh since he was born so for them this month I'm here is wonderful. Ellie and Rae have seen him more but still missed him just as much...(not to leave them out.) The weather is amazing up here too. Its most days, sunny in the afternoon and cold at night, which has led to a bonfire almost every night. I love bonfires so much. Shiloh has grown so much since being up here too. Its insane. For example, Shiloh can now sit up, he can't quite pull himself up yet but once I help him up he can sit there and play with toys until something catches his eye, then he gets excited and falls over. He is also veryyy momma clingy. He crys when I leave the room and if he hears my voice he either starts looking for me or just smiles really big. <3 So sweet! I love him! I only don't like it when I am trying to cook and he has to be touching me or being held right next to me. Then it's just frustrating, but I don't mind all that much, he is my cute little monster after all. I will try to post some more, but for now here are a bunch of pictures!
My sister and I at Flathead Lake in Lakeside, MT.
My parents and Shiloh at my friend Aubree's wedding.
Shiloh and me and the wedding.
Shiloh and Rae
So cute! He really has sooo much personality! I love it! I love him!

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Tammie said...

YOu have me packing my bags for MT girl!! Give your family a big HELLO for me!! Shiloh is adorable!