Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 Yesterday was my 22 birthday. Hooray! I basically have been celebrating for a week. It's been really nice though. Last year Caleb had just left for Iraq and I had just gotten in a scary car crash. But this year, we are all together and life is finally "normal" again. I got the best gift ever as well, and I don't just mean Caleb coming home, he got me a Nikon D3100. I have wanted a camera forever. Best husband ever! I love him! I think he is having as much fun with it as I am. I have probably taken close to 300 pictures since I got it a few days ago. Here are some shots from my birthday.

Yeah, I made my own birthday cake.  This has been a good birthday for me.


DaisyJo said...

I eagerly await your opinions on the d3100! I plan to get one during Black Friday sales! Don't let me down, girl I wanna know what you think of it! :D

Glad you had a happy Birfday!

Tammie said...

Happy Birthday!! Is that your mom in one of the first photos?? :-) Tell your folks I say HI!