Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like....well you know.

I'm generally think of myself an equally opportunity holiday-er...I love the crafts and more importantly the baking that goes alone with them! But I'm a little Christmas bias, it's pretty much my favorite. I love shopping and making gifts for people. And wrapping gifts. I pretty much should have a job wrapping gifts. Lol. But really. I love it that much. So this past weekend Caleb and I went and bought our tree and last night we started decorating it. (I had to let it sit a few days so it would open up...Tree snob right here.) And while waiting for my tree to open I was able to start the house. I need to make some crafts to completely decorate it...but I will post more pictures as I do more. Here is what I have so far!
Caleb's mom Betsy gave me the snow flakes and reindeer, which goes really well with everything else.
Caleb "unwrapping" our tree! Frasier Fur trees are the best! They smell like Christmas!
Caleb took these pictures of me decorating the tree last night.
I hope all everyone is having a wonderful and crafty Christmas!

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John and Leslie said...

I wish we could come and see your new place decorated for Christmas. So exciting...Shiloh's 1st Christmas! Miss y'all!