Monday, June 22, 2009

Beach days...

What's a better way to enjoy summer than a trip to the beach? Personally I can't think of anything. Towels, sunscreen, frisbee's, cold drinks and friends. Trips like this make up my life. Being from Florida I have spent the majority of my life in swimming pools and waking up early on a Saturday to drive to the beach. As a little kid I remember building sand castles and looking for the best shell ever! Fresca and sunchips. My mom always brought them with us...sunchips and sand, not such a good mix, but what kid didn't eat alot of sand. I don't really take family beach trips anymore nor do I eat sand, but I still love the beach. I think I always will.

Bender and me! As you can tell she isn't really a shiny metal robot....but close enough right? Lol. I met her as "Sarah" but then picked up on calling her "Bender". The two of us used to skip school our sr. year to take beach trips in our underwear...sometime we just weren't planning on going to the beach when she picked me up for school in the morning.

Bender and Binh! Binh (or Ben) has been one of Bender's friends for as long as I have known her. A few years ago he decided to join the army, and then was deployed to Iraq. He was home for his mid-tour leave when this picture was taken, unfortunatly he is back in Iraq now. We are praying for his safe return!

Julie and he boytoy/boy friend Wray. A little back ground on Julie...We have been best friends since we were in 8th me in 7th, her in 8th. We have known each other since like before my 13th birthday. I don't think that anyone in the world knows me as well as she does.

Heather Feather....and/or the whitest Hawaiian that I know. Lol. All in all our beach day was fun...and I have more pictures but no one else would get them. Aside from the fact that half of them I would be killed for putting on the web. Lol. Gotta love unflatering blackmail pictures (: I know they are MY favorite.

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