Friday, July 3, 2009

Adventures in Veganland.

To start this off let me say that I have recently become Vegan. Yes....vegan. No, I'm not going to start posting pictures of every meal that I eat. Not that there is anything wrong with that....I just don't have that kind of a blog. My reasons are my own and I probably won't tell you what they are, I will just say "I became vegan for health reasons." If that is not good enough for you I'm sorry.
I guess you could say its all my brother and his wife's fault...that is to say they became vegan first. Then I just sort of jumped on the boat. I put alot of thought into this though, and talked to my close friends and of course, my husband. For me being vegan really doesn't change anything. I still bake, its just more of an adventure when I do it. Orlando is one of those places that is lucky enough to have some amazing Vegan restaurants and tons of vegan friendly cafe/coffee shops.
And because a post wouldn't be right if it didn't have some pictures of some sort, I have pictures of some vegan goodies that I baked!

In case you can't read my handwriting...that says "Vegan Blueberry Muffins".

Soo cute. I know. I made a tons of baby ones.

I had some apples to get rid I was like "Apple Crisp" but I didn't have enough apples...or a small dish...So I tossed some frozen mixed berries in too. And wham, "Triple Apple Berry Crisp" is born.

The fresh from the oven view. I do have to say about this though, I should have either A. left it in the oven longer or B. Mixed the apples with the berries. The berry side was amazing. Caleb only wanted to eat the berry side. I did serve it with Vanilla Icecream for Caleb and Soy vanilla for me. I am for sure making this again. All this blogging is making me hungry....good thing I'm making cupcakes today!

Also Happy 4th tomorrow!!!!


cookies and cups said...

Bring on the Vegan cupcakes!!!

Daniela said...

Complimenti per la ricetta.
Ciao Daniela.