Thursday, October 1, 2009

And the countdown begins.

As it turns out with my life nothing is ever as it seems. Caleb was "supposed" to be going to Sniper school in Septmeber, then it got pushed back to November, which was pretty great really. The unit and such that he is in are deploying to Iraq at the end of October for 12 months, yeah boo, I know. Sniper school would have changed that he would have gone to school in mid-nov and then have been home for Christmas. But "Oh no,'re not going to school." And just like that he is leaving in like less than a month. And seeing as we always leave everything until the last minute, we have yet to even begin to pack up our apartment, much less even clean it. Whoops. I kind of keep putting it off, in my head if I don't start packing then there is more time that he will be if the Army will wait for us to pack up. "Oh, I can't leave yet, we still have to fold up this last load of laundry." On the other side of that, if there is anything left to pack for Iraq, Caleb won't get off work until its been tracked down, packed, unloaded, repacked, feng shui'ed, looked over up close, assessed the artistic value of the packing job, viewed for above, unpacked, repacked, and then loaded up to be shipped. I'm just a little bitter, its ok though, I'll get over it tomorrow. Yeah yeah, I know he is still here right now, so why must I be pissed about him leaving, because I'm a girl. And I'm a planner. And surprise, surprise, I like my husband and don't want him to leave. Ever. Not even for work in the mornings. And while not everything I want gets to happen, I can still hope right? Lol. Maybe my dreams are a little off and yes, I realized that after the Army is done with Caleb he is still going to have to go to work everyday. I just can't wait till that job isn't halfway around the world.

P.S. I know, We are pretty much adorable.

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