Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dear Self.

Stop being sick on your vacation. Just because the weather is below 80 does not mean its time to get your "Winter Cold". Its hard to live without being able to talk and I don't really want to drink honey all day...Now get better and enjoy Washington D.C. Do I need to remind you that this is your first trip there? You haven't even seen the West wing of the National Art Gallary....or Lincoln. Just to mention a few. Let me just do a little recap for you so you snap out of this stupid sickness....First there was the Zoo.

And you got to see a Giant Panda, Elephants and of course, Meerkats. All the uphill walking to leave the zoo wasn't as much fun but the animals were cool. Then there was the Air and Space Museum. Lots of planes and space ships.

And you got to see the Whitehouse! And your first ever Whitehouse protest going on outside of it.

Not to mention you went to the National Gallary...and took pictures.

Woot! Now, as I said before you didn't finish seeing the gallary. So get better and go see the rest!



Allie Andrews said...

that looks like fun, i'm sorry that you didn't feel good :(

Anonymous said...

You should come over and bake with me when I get home so you can take pictures and update your blog. Cranberry orange bread or Apple fritter bread anyone?