Monday, July 26, 2010

2nd Anniversary!

I can't believe that I've been married for 2 years today. I know, I know, two years....big whoop. But it is a big "whoop". I have spent the past two years with the "one single person in the world who fills your heart with joy" (You've Got Mail? Anyone?) and I couldn't be happier. 4 years ago I would have called someone crazy if they told me I would have a baby and husband by 21. I guess that makes me crazy then...I'm ok with that however. I know people think that being married this young is weird and stupid. My generation is all about "whoring yourself around" at this age, the world is our mattress or so I've decided the saying should go. Most of my friends are still dating or single with no real intentions of marriage soon. And here I am, younger than most of them, 2 years in my pocket and a baby in tow. It did bother me, sometimes it still does. But once I get past my fear that "everyone is judging me", I remember how lucky I am. I found that one person I love and who forever loves me already! We already have 2 amazing years behind us and forever in front of us! I'm only 21 and I've already started the best part of my life.
I only wish that I actually could have spent my anniversary with Caleb...Maybe next year? I would like to go and "celebrate" my anniversary actually in the same state/country as my husband for once. The past two years he has been gone. Last year he was training in California and this year he is in Iraq. (Boo.) I blame the army for ruining what should be a wonderful, romantic day for me. They better not ruin next year! Lol. I was able to talk to Caleb today though. Which was amazing. We got to Skype video chat! And the video of him wasn't was actually kind of clear! Whoo! Caleb's parents were nice enough to take Shiloh and I out to dinner, I even got a present! His mom got me a Magic Bullet! (Hehe...I love me some smoothies!) It was very sweet of them to do and it reminds me that even though we don't see everything "eye to eye" I am so very lucky to have in-laws who I get along with and who don't totally hate me (just my tattoos).
So all of this been said, Happy Anniversary Caleb! I love you with all my heart! Come home soon and don't forget to buy me a friggen gift! (Pssstt....where's my card?) (:


Sarah said...

Jealous! I want a magic bullet so bad!!! We should find a way to incorporate it into our baking date. how does Wednesday sound by the way?
Happy anniversary from one crazy, young, married girl to another!

Kara Riley said...

Very happy for you, Cali :) And I don't think being married young is stupid. It's great if you found the right person. Not many people are lucky enough to have what we have :) Happy Anniversary!

Carrie S said...

I was young when I got married too. We've grown together for 10yrs now & I regret nothing. You should feel the same way. Don't let them get under your skin. Congrats on the 2yr anniversary! May you be blessed with many more happy years to come!

Barbara said...

2 Years IS a big whoop these days! Congrats! Sorry Caleb is gone and didn't get to celebrate with you. :(