Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food Not Bombs.

 I am a member of Food Not Bombs. Of all the things I consider myself to be that is one I am so proud of. When Caleb deployed to Iraq in October and I moved back to Orlando I decided one day to attend a "sharing" at the park with my brother and his wife. I've know about Food Not Bombs for a little while but was always very hesitant to go to it, I didn't think I would fit it, I've always been sort of afraid of homeless people, and my husband is in the army. But I was curious so I went. And I loved it. I have been going ever since November of this past year and it has really changed my life. I have met some of the most amazing friends there and learned so much about myself. I am finally awake in my life. I am sort of an activist, just a little bit.
I remember when I was younger hearing about the "no feeding the homeless law" that had passed but I had forgotten about it because it didn't affect me at all. After I started going to the sharings I learned that Orlando Food Not Bombs was in the process of appealing that and was still waiting to hear the final answer. I traveled up to Atlanta with my new friends to go and bring the appeal before the 11th U.S. Circuit Court and this month they finally gave their decision. FnB got screwed, basically. And as of the end of this month the ordinance will be back and any group will have to get a permit to feed a group of more than 25 people. I know its only in the downtown area, but I see this as only the beginning for the city...what's to keep them from imposing more ordinances with stricter and more insane ideas. From what I gather FnBs is taking it to the supreme court and hopefully they won't be quite so retarded as to think that this is a good idea. It just makes me so mad that the city of Orlando is going to such lengths (like $40,000 in court fees) to make it illegal to share a meal with the homeless. They want to keep the parks nice and all the businesses and downtown snobs happy but what about the "undesirable" people, the homeless? You can't just pass a law and make them all go away. Without their basic needs being met, won't that create more of a problem anyway? I think that Orlando needs a huge slap in the face and hopefully we can give it to them.
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