Sunday, July 18, 2010

The last day.

Today is the end of fashion week...I'm actually sad. I liked having to force myself to get all cute. I loved giving and receiving all the awesome comments. They ones I got really made my day! However, I am determined to post pictures of cute outfits because I had so much fun with it. Besides having a reason to get out of my pj's is always good, even if its just for like 15 minutes or a short trip to starbucks with Shiloh. So here is my last outfit. Enjoy!

The Models
Shiloh's outfit:
Shorts-Gift from Target
Onesie-Handmade gift(its a tie-dye guitar!)

The Fashion
Hat-Urban Outfitters
Scarf/wrap-Gift from my sister from Germany
Shirt-American Apparel, free cycled from Elise
Skirt-Plato's Closet
Bracelet-Charlotte Russe
Diaper Bag-Harvey's

Fun and Makeup
Eye shadow-Lime Crime Makeup
Mascara & Lip Color-Covergirl

Check out the rest of the fashion and the adorable Emery here!


E said...

I love the purple eye shadow. So gorgeous!

Emery Jo said...

so funky and cuuuute! I love the combo of the scarf with the eyshadow! Thank you so much for joining in this week! :)

Chelsea said...

that first photo of you two is just darling! You've got such cute style!

Billi London-Gray said...

I love the purple eye makeup - it really pops!

Baby in Broad said...

Whoa! I wore purple eyeshadow today, too! High-five!

That first picture of the two of you is priceless. I'm love how this look is so eclectic, and still totally works. Tres rad.

Rachael said...

Oooh! I love your beautiful eyes and dark eyebrows. You're gorgeous. And this outfit is head-to-toe interesting. There's so much coolness contained in one getup! I love it.

Charlotte said...

The first picture is so fun. You both have great smiles! Too cute!

I love, love, love that scarf.

Katie said...

WOw, you win fun outfit/photo for the day. Everything's so cute!

Jessica G. said...

I love your scarf! And your eye makeup is so beautiful. I wish I could make mine look like that!

Kalle said...

Great photos. I love his tyedyed onesie and your make up is awesome.