Friday, July 16, 2010

Fashion weeeekkk!

I made this dress today...well sort of made this dress. I cut up a dress I never wore and a shirt and turned them into an adorable dress!

Dress-American eagle and old navy
Sweater-gap, "borrowed"
Purse-Marc by Marc Jacobs

I have loved seeing everyone's adorable fashion!
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autumn said...

So creative and adorable! I have so many skirts I should do this with....

You have the loveliest smile. Seriously.

Katie said...

Love the colors you've got going on--so fun! And your little braid is so cute!

Billi London-Gray said...

I love the clothes frankensteining! Wonderful idea.

Rachael said...

YOU MADE THAT? Wow! I'm super impressed, crafty-lady! The colors, the layers... it reminds me of candy. In a good way. As if there were a bad way to be reminded of candy.

Anonymous said...

Is that Daddy and Baby on your phone?

Cali Cakes said...

Yeah it is them...I got a clear case so I could use it as a "picture frame" for photos!