Thursday, July 15, 2010

Something I never do.

I don't ever consider myself to be much of a writer, but sometimes I come up with things...well, it's more that sometimes god gives me something to say. And when he does, it comes out in poem(ish) form. So here is something personal of me, for you to read. I know that some people would/will tell me that this is a "step in the right direction". Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. As soon as I post this I know I will most likely regret it, because something of me is out there for the world to judge. However, it is a risk I am willing to take. Mostly because I am afraid that if I don't put this somewhere I will lose it forever on this computer that doesn't belong to me. So. Enjoy, judge, love, or hate, I could hardly careless right now.

The mirror lies with pretty eyes
As I stand in silence.
I'm paralyzed by those eyes, their charm is so deceptive.
They tell me about the better days that we can have together.
Love, happiness, beauty, charm,
"These things all come with thinness."
They show me how I can be if we walk this road together.
"Let's go," I say, "I won't look back."
My future bright before us.
Thou eager hands and feet go forward,
I can't see us moving.
My friends all wonder what's gone wrong,
"Come back to us! We'll help you."
Yet I can't see the damage done, our future bright before me.
The darkness looms, we fight it off.
"You can do better," the eyes tell me.
"I can't!" I cry, "I try and I try! This life is not worth living!"
I cannot stand, I cannot see.
"You ruined things." They tell me.
I lay on the floor and see those eyes, I don't want them with me.
"Get up," I tell my body, "Get up, this isn't over."
I don't need them, see, go look in the mirror!
Those eyes are dying and full of lies, they want to drag you under.
"You need us!" They scream at me, "You are nothing all alone!"
But for once I don't believe them.
The night is coming, and there will be no light,
But I was told, the stars will be out to fight.
Slowly I will rise and stand,
I can see now, that the mirror lies.

He is such a little man! 3 months and 3 weeks!


Rachael said...

What a beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing... I know it's kinda weird/scary/SOMETHING to put yourself out there but I'm glad you did and I hope you will be too. Your little man has got SUCH a LOOK going. Like he's got a little attitude or something. It's adorable.

John and Leslie said...

This an amazing piece of writing! Thanks for being brave enough to share it. I love ARE BEAUTIFUL! Keeping writing.