Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 4.

My today.

Shirt-Hollister, thrifted
Sweater thing-Gap, "borrowed"


Katie said...

Cute! Good skirt/sweater color combo!

Awesome Alicia said...

omg you are just too adorable! I love the purples!

Amanda said...

This is an awesome outfit! I love the stripes with the subtle embroidered polka dots in the skirt. And the belt!

Emery Jo said...

hair envy. You are so pretty. And I love your outfit!! :)

Charlotte said...

I love the green stripes with the purple. I would never think of putting those two together.

I also love your 'happy face!' shot. :)

Rachael said...

You're so spunky! And I'm gonna have to get me some of those shoes, they're the bees knees.
Oh so YOU'RE the reason everyone keeps asking if I have lunch in my lunchbox! I'm always like, 'Huh? What else would be in there?' :)

Baby in Broad said...

I love the colors. And the jewelry. And your hair.

E said...

I love the poses, and the shrug!