Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Animal Kingdom!

I have lived in Orlando my whole life. Basically. And in all of this time I have only been to Animal Kingdom twice. Which isn't really that big of a deal too most people. Going twice would be a dream come true or something, but not to me. I have been to every other park more times than I can beginning to count. So today our little family went there. It was Shiloh's first visit, yey! I think he had a good time.
 Caleb forced me to take this picture, against my will of this ugly thing. Here you go Caleb. I hope you enjoy this.
 My favorite boys ever. <3 <3 <3
 I hope you see this Raeann. I took this picture for you.

All in all I think Shiloh had a wonderful day. He got lots of compliments on how cute he is. Lol. And really liked the animals.


Sydney Kate said...

please tell me you got him that hat, miss you :)

John and Leslie said...

Glad you are having so much fun...but I still miss you SO much!

Erika said...

Ooh, we LOVE Animal Kingdom! Of course now that Shannon's here, Magic Kingdom and all things princess is our first stop :)