Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year, Busy Me

The past few weeks have seemed to fly by. Shiloh goes through super needy days and then days like today where he is happily playing on the floor and watching Sesame Street. He is growing so much, learning new things all the time. He shares everything now, if you can't tell by the picture. It seems like he eats more than me too! I'm just waiting and enjoying the time before he learns how to walk. He already gets into everything and can be all the way across the apartment if I'm not paying attention. He talks alot too, lots of "m" sounds mostly just saying "mama" over and over and over again. I don't think he is talking to me though, one of these days though he is going to connect me and the "mama" and then I will never hear the end of it. I know I'm talking alot about Shiloh but its been a little bit since I did an update on him. I'm just trying to think of all the new stuff he has learned...well the only other thing I can think of is that he is super observant, he is always pointing at things and trying to grab stuff that is really far away from him.
 I'm really glad to be back at my house after all the holiday vacation stuff. Shiloh gets so turned around when we are on vacation, its like he forgets how to sleep normal hours and take naps. But at home we can put him on an awesome schedule. Well, I try, it sort of works. I always miss my kitchen and the clothes I leave behind when I'm in Orlando. (Shiloh is currently ripping apart on of the "Twilight" books...opps?)  I finally put away all of the christmas stuff this week. I didn't want to take it down for one, but also Caleb said he would get the boxes out of storage for me, but I ended up just doing it myself because he kept "forgetting". (He really did forget, he has a really bad memory due to head trauma, thanks army!) Our tree is still up, with just the lights because Caleb is "going to do it". But it will be down before this weekend because Heather is driving up to stay for the weekend! And I want a pretty and clean house.  I never did make any new years resolutions, I "did" but I didn't really, I just thought of good things to do but I don't want to put some unnatural amount of pressure on myself to keep up with them. But keeping the apartment clean was one of the things I've decided to really keep up with. I also decided to work out and learn how to run. I haven't really started running yet, but I "run" on the elliptical and am slowly working my way up to normal running because wait for it.....I'm running a half-marathon in a year! Caleb and I are doing the Disney Marathon and Half-Marathon...I plan on wearing a princess outfit! I already have a crazy tutu! But this is a whole new me. I actually look forward to working out. That has never been me. It's generally like pulling teeth to get me to actually go to the gym.
Life is crazy busy, but crazy fun. I plan to update more and to not ignore my blog friends!

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Rachael said...

He looks like such a fun little handful!
P.s. I'm sure you get this all the time, but I love the name Shiloh. I've never heard it before...